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What are PET preforms?
PET preforms, better known as "preforms", are an intermediate product through which the manufacture of bottles is achieved. The nickname of PET is due to the material from which they are made, polyethylene terephthalate.
This product is created through a precision blow molding and injection process. The preform PET is injected into a mold to become a preform that, through an additional blowing step, will take the desired shape (mainly containers for drinks, detergents or any liquid).
One of the advantages of PET preforms is their great flexibility in terms of design, since very different products can be created through this same process. Depending on the client’s needs, we can vary the weight, volume, color, shape or neck of the bottle.
PET preforms can be used for the packaging of mineral water, juices, liquors, soft drinks, carbonated drinks, oils suitable for consumption, medicines, pickles, jams, consumer products, etc.
Jima Preform

Jima Preform is the core business section of Jima, which mainly specializes in Plastic Preform,Be Used to plastic bottles, bottle embryos and PE packaging containers. Its business covers all major regions in China and extends overseas.


Provide conventional PET Preform suitable for various filling purposes, including PET bottles and bottle embryos; We can also provide PET packaging containers with composite functions according to customer requirements, such as: light resistance, oxygen resistance, UV resistance, high brightness and so on.


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