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About Our Company

Jima Preform is the core business section of Jima, which mainly specializes in Plastic Preform,Be Used to plastic bottles, bottle embryos and PE packaging containers. Its business covers all major regions in China and extends overseas.


Provide conventional PET Preform suitable for various filling purposes, including PET bottles and bottle embryos; We can also provide PET packaging containers with composite functions according to customer requirements, such as: light resistance, oxygen resistance, UV resistance, high brightness and so on.

Company Philosophy

1.Brand service: Take market and customer demand as the guidance, attach importance to brand reputation, ensure quality and improve service.

2.Expression of value: Continuously excavate market value and serve customers with long-term value.

3. R&d and innovation: Continue to expand investment in innovation and R&D.

4.Food safety: Never touch the bottom line of food safety.

We Are Responsible

Plastic packaging is the most widely used form of packaging around the world, but it comes with a responsibility towards nature. Jima Preform takes this responsibility very seriously and advocates the industry to adapt smart, innovative techniques that are sustainable for the environment.